Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Angry In Diaryland

When I read golfwidow's "unlocked 07/25/2003 = 4:32 p.m." entry about locking her diary I got irritated and thoughtful. A visible profile can reveal as much or as little about a person as he or she wishes to write. A person can still lock their diary. Showing a profile is a simple courtesy if one comments in another diary! A simple act of courtesy towards golfwidow would have prevented some anxiety.

I could have let this go and not written about it if I hadn't been reading diaries today. I checked out golfwidow's diary and saw the comment about tattodnanny's diary. I checked it out and found the following:

"temporarily locked thoughts from a tattood nanny

I will explain to the cool kids as soon as I can."

This produced the following:

1)This is a good example of what someone with a locked diary can/should do if they comment in other diaries.

2)The whole idea of online diaries (with favourite lists and diaryrings) is about community. If you don't wish to participate then write your diary in a word processing program and store it on your computer. It will be more secure than in Diaryland.

3)Each community has rules and one of the most basic is: treat your neighbours with respect.(ie - don't harass them). I don't know what caused tattodnanny to lock her diary but something did.

With our selfish eyes we look into other people's lives. It is a chance to learn about others and about ourselves. Let's treat others as we wish to be treated.

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