Saturday, May 08, 2004


Welcome to my journal. I began experimenting with online journals in March of 2003. At first my journal writing was focused on my volunteer work and not my personal life. I wanted to experiment with a personal journal and I began a Diaryland diary called Firemind in June 2003. The name, Firemind, comes from the way I react when an idea hits me*. The name stuck and became a 'nickname' I gave myself when I wrote. I wrote 104 entries at my Diaryland site.

In early April 2004 I switched hosts and moved to Blogger. I did this for a number of reasons and so far it is working out. My goal is to continue producing a minimalist journal that focuses on words rather than pretty templates or cool pictures.

I am in the process of transferring my Diaryland entries to this journal. This will make reading my journal easier. (Readers won't have to visit my old site). It will also make things easier for me because my journal will be 'whole' again. Some of the older entries will become a little strange when moved. Just remember they are now out of context.

Certain entries of this journal (such as About Me, Book List and Links) are updated quite often.

Thank you for visiting. Please sign my guestbook.

*Ideas flash like lights in my mind until they are noticed. When they are my mind blazes like a fire that has just had gasoline poured on it. I can become quite distracted when a juicy idea comes along. Sometimes the only way to get ideas out of my head is to 'write them away'.