Monday, May 10, 2004

Books, Blogs, and Memories

I finished another book today and updated my Book List for the first time since moving to Blogger. I noticed how few books are listed for April and was confused until I remembered that (as usual) I am reading a number of nonfiction books at once.

I took a break from 'The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference' to read a novel and then was asked to review 'Online! The Book' for my computer group. I read about half of that massive book before I needed a break. As I read more fiction I came across 'Blogging: Genius Strategies For Instant Web Content' and got hooked enough to read the first few chapters the day I bought it. I am almost finished 'Blogging' and when it is done I will work on 'Online!'.

'Blogging' has lots of good information for journal writers. I had high expectations when I visited the companion website but found it lacking. There are some examples from the book but the excellent blog links from the appendix are absent. I still recommend reading the book.

I checked out the author's website and had a laugh when I read his essay about rototilling. I also rototilled gardens and I had some odd escapades myself.

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