Friday, November 04, 2005


This page lists my podcasts. Included are some of my earlier 'casts done with audioblogger and later ones created with RF = Radio Firemind.

I wrote a post about podcasting called Invasion Of The Pod People. It has information on podcasting and podcasters.

Audio Rambling

RF 01 - Latin For Piglets

Silly Voices

RF 02 - Voices Recap And Future Blog Posts

My First Podcast

RF 03 - The Indie Podcast

RF 04 Rambling With Music

RF 05 I'm Back

RF 06 Hello World

The Internet Is Awesome - This post includes a sample podcast.

Skypecast - my first podcast using Skype.

Indie And Emo
- I added a podcast player to my sidebar.

Podcast Player - I put the player in this post.

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