Thursday, July 28, 2005

Audio Rambling.

this is an audio post - click to play

I guess I need a script after all.:)


Anonymous said...

Leon, we love you!!

This is so cool, I am listening to you talk as I write this.

It's funny, your audio-posts make me like you so much more--what you said about connecting I think is really true.

When you first posted an audio-blog excerpt, I remember thinking, "Oh no, do I want to listen to this? It might change what I think about dear FM."

But I did, and I was shocked at how much I liked what you said and how you said it. They make me like you more (as exemplified by how much I am writing here!).


Fond thoughts,
Laura-Jane K.

Leon said...

Oh Oh, my ego is going to overflow! Thanks Laura-Jane.

I was nervous about this one because of the rambling. i have commented on vlogs and podcasts and mention rambling as a problem. As I said in the post I wanted to 'ease up' and experiment. Next time it will be a little more scripted. :)

So does anyone want a weekly audio post?

Fin said...

I do, Leon.

I can't listen to this in the browser because my concentration is all over the place.

You're now an iTunes podcaster.

You have my ear, so speak, damn it!


Keith said...

This was great Leon and please do more as often as you can!

Leon said...

Well, I guess I be be audioblogging more. Thanks!

Mick in the UK said...

Hi Leon,
Great to hear your voice (I must have missed your first audioblog).
Looking forward to more.

Sudman said...