Saturday, July 30, 2005

Food And Audio


More people are signing up for the Online Potluck. This is great but now I am getting hungry.:) If you have any questions just contact me. Any of your blog contacts can participate too. They don't have to be on my blogroll or have me on theirs.


The consensus seems to be I should do more audio. I will do more but may have to work out a better system. The phone calls to audioblogger are free but are long distance. One nice point is that each post is five minutes maximum at a time. You can start another post if you want. One point I don't like is that while you can re-record each post you can't edit anything.

Most people would want to upload to a free site. The only problem I have seen at some sites is a slow loading time. My problem with using such a site is that my computer's mic and headphone links don't work and I don't want to get a USB headset yet. (I need other things first).


Mick in the UK said...

Your recent audioblog got me thinking about how to get audio on my site, and I now have audio streaming, which would work for you too Leon, if you can record to mp3 and host the file somewhere.
I have put two song tracks up, but could just as easily stream a voice file.

Leon said...

I am thinking of things to do. I am not sure about a music stream as much as something that can be downloaded. I shall see.

Fin said...

You could find some bargain-basement hosting.

Depends on how you want to do things, but you don't really need much space initially.

I have LOADS of bandwidth and space which I'm paying for but aren't using; I could set you up an FTP account with my site if you like - you can use it as you please (untill you become a uberpodcaster, that is :D)

Mick in the UK said...

Hey Leon,
You could take fin up on his's a generous offer.
I was thinking of offering you something on the same lines, but I use up close to my bandwidth limit most months.