Wednesday, April 21, 2004

My Journals

I decided to be a little more open and link to my other online projects. This is a new and 'daring' thing for me.

I found that I kept referring to my "workblogs" and biting my tongue when I thought a reader could benefit from something I had written. I like the work I am doing in the other journals.

This is my personal place to write. I don't plan to change my style of writing or the amount of information I reveal. Sorry, you won't find anything to send to the tabloids here.

My Journals:

2 Lazy 2 Blog - a group blog I admin.
2 Lazy 4 Radio - a group music blog I admin.
Braindance - my experimental beta-blogger blog.
Fire Pix - my artwork.
Fire Tales - a fiction blog.
Flickr: Photos from Firemind
Our Photoblog - group photoblog for The Demo Blog Team.
Roar - poetry, prose, and records of old blogs.
Take A Glimpse - The official blog of Flickr's Glimpse group.
The Demo Blog - a group blog where members help members learn blogging.
Victoria Update - this mental health site is inactive. I use it as an example when I talk about weblogs.

As you can see I have been experimenting with many types of online journals.

Dead Blogs

These are blogs I created and used for various lengths of time. I am cleaning them out and deleting them. Information about them can be found at Roar.

Blog Links - resources for bloggers.
Linknut - this is where I store interesting weblinks.
Routes Victoria - The transit rider's guide to Victoria.
UpdateLinks - mental health and education links.

Updated: December 2006