Wednesday, July 27, 2005

You Are Invited! - Online Potluck.

n : whatever happens to be available especially when offered to an unexpected guest or when brought by guests and shared by all; "having arrived unannounced we had to take potluck"; "a potluck supper"(

The second annual Online Potluck will be held on August 5, 2005 and you are all invited. Last years potluck was lots of fun.

So how do we have an Online Potluck? We write about food and/or post pics in our blogs. We do it on the same day and link our blogs together. We become a mini food sharing (figuratively speaking) community.


  1. Leave a note in my comments or guestbook.

  2. In the note state your name, blog in which you will write/post pics, and what food you will write about. For example: Leon, Firemind, Fish. The relation between food and story can be as loose as you wish.

  3. Photos can be posted with text or by themselves.

  4. Remember the date and write your story.

  5. Let me know the URL of your post and I will link to it and the other stories.

  6. Latecomers are welcome (within reason).


  • Write a post about a funny food experience.

  • Tell us about your favourite food.

  • Share one of your recipes.

  • Take a picture of your dinner or of a market. (If you have a Flickr account you can post 'creative commons' pics from one of the food groups such as Lunch or Food Porn).

Attendees And Food


Black Cow - Keith - Clinging Vine...


Various stories about 'Friends and Food' - Leon - Firemind.


Grilled Burgers - Shahid - Cafenut

Peppers - Jake - Animation. Jake may also make a cartoon about food (cool).


Chocolate Pistachio Pie - Leon - (either Firemind or Our Photoblog).

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches - Keith - Clinging Vine...

Organic Smoothie - Fintan - Record Card.


Amimationman said...

Jake, Animationman , Peppers. By the By, may I make a toon about the food?

Leon said...

Sure, a toon would be great. Let me know if I put the peppers in the right spot.

Fin said...

Fintan, Record Card, Organic Smoothie.


Shahid said...

Shahid, Cafenut, Grilled Burgers and Soda.

Leon said...

You guys are making me hungry.:)

Shahid said...

Shahid, Cafenut, Grilled Burgers (and *no* Soda).

Keith said...

Keith,CVine,Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Keith said...

Leon, I would also like to include:

Keith,CVine,Black Cow
(this falls in the beverage catagory) :)

Fin said...

ohmygod it's tomorrow! I had better prepare!