Thursday, June 22, 2006

Indie And Emo (Podcast)

I added a podcast player to my sidebar and this podcast can be found there. You'll need flash to use the player.

I used Gcast, Garageband and Audacity to make the podcast.

Indie And Emo

Total Playing Time: 13:00

Introduction - by me - Length: 1:00

Broken - Complete - Indie - Length: 3:36

Wait - Complete - Emo - Length: 4:00

Intro 2 - by me - Length: :18

Big Man - Go Panic! - Indie - Length: 4:16


The Automatic is a band mentioned in the podcast

Update: Perhaps a better comparison is between Broken and The Automatic's Monster.

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The Masta said...

this is compeletley unrealted but in Firefox I can't see images. Why is that do I need to get a plugin or something?