Friday, June 23, 2006

Audio Antics

Yesterday was a very good day. I was happy to work my usual Friday shift at the place I volunteer at. The afternoon was steady until about an hour before closing.

I was talking to a coworker about some blogs and I showed him Men's photo of two dogs playing. I explained about commenting in Dutch and the challenge it presented me. I added that I was slowly learning to read Dutch.

I was thinking about blogging when I had my supper and then when I walked home. I expected to write a quick text post but not work with any music or podcasts. Things didn’t turn out as expected.

The Interview

'The Masta' IMed me and then asked if we could switch to voicechat. I said okay and then found myself being interviewed in a podcast! What followed was a long series of impromptu gags and oddball questions. Topics included: terrorist dogs, rabid squirrels, Rambo, Oprah, and Michael Jackson. It was fun and weird.

The interview is quite long but is worth listening to. You can listen to it at The Masta's Blog. The podcast player is in the sidebar. The post you want is the latest one (the top one) called 'June 23, 2006 Phone call'.

Listen to the interview and leave comments in his blog and/or here.

Online Music

After 'The Masta' and I finished our interview and follow up chat I listened to the podcast for the first time. I laughed several times and IMed some friends and told them about it.

One of the people I talked to was Stephen. Part of our conversation was about the music at Radio Blog Club and other sites. Websites that allow people to listen to music or even download songs help promote musicians. I bought a Fall Out Boy CD after listening to them at MySpace and Radio Blog Club. I am thinking about buying another CD by a different band. Listening to this 'free music' got me interested in the songs and the musicians.

As Stephen and I talked we figured out the new and irritating method of song selection at RBC and posted songs at 2 Lazy 4 Radio.

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