Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Was A Song Writer

I find music interesting but I am not much of a musician. I have had some training while in school but not enough to make a difference.

A friend used to love going to the bar to sing karaoke. I couldn't stand listening to people who couldn't sing mangling songs I didn't like. I sing occasionally (in private) but most people haven't heard me. You will (sort of) in an upcoming podcast.

I am a better songwriter than singer. Some of my poetry could be set to music but I don't have the knowledge to do so. I have created songs using computers. While most of my music goes unrecognized one song did win a prize.

When I was nine or ten the local movie theatre ran a songwriting contest. They were looking for a song to put in their radio advertising and offered free movies as prizes. First prize was a year of free movies and second prize was three months worth.

I was quite excited about the contest and I wanted to win. I worked on two submissions and listened to suggestions but made my own decisions. I was so happy when I won second prize and got to see so many movies. Sometimes they let me in to see stuff I was a bit young for so I got lots of use out of my prize.

So what was my prize winning song?

Ho ho ho,
Let's go to the show,
And meet Mr. Lowe,
He's the nice little man,
Who runs this stand.

The owner knew our family and that may be part of the reason I won. I do think that the song wasn't bad based on how old I was. I am glad I didn't follow my dad's advice and change 'nice' to 'fat'.


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