Thursday, June 22, 2006

Musical Moods

I have been playing around in Gcast and Garageband. I cleaned up my podcast list and will add a music player to my sidebar.

I was looking for podsafe music to include in a podcast and found two songs I liked. Both are 'Indie' but one was listed in the 'Emo' charts. When I mentioned this to a friend he thought that was odd. I said 'Indie/Emo' could be a crossover style within Rock. Rock has many examples such as Country Rock. My friend disagreed saying that Indie and Emo are too different and added:

indie is like guys pretending to be girls and singing with high pitched voices, and emo is screaming, and singing about killing each other

Haha. I have trouble keeping track of the various genres of Rock. I have eclectic tastes and like to experiment with different music. I don't hate Emo or Rap or even Country. I just find it more difficult to find something I can listen to long enough to like.


Lou said...

First of all Leon, can you delete that comment, I'd like to add to it.

I don't think you're friend knows very much about either indie or emo. I'm sure you're friend has at least heard the White Stripes music. Does he think Jack White acts like a girl, singing in a high pitch? The White Stripes are an indie band.

Indie is the most difficult genre of music to catagorize because indie means independant. It's stuff that other people aren't doing.

The emo generalization is also way off mark. Though it may seem like everything is about dying with screams, it's not. It's about emotion and... jeez, who am I kidding. He's one hundred percent correct.

Leon said...

Hi Lou,

Indie: Difficult to categorize - Yeah, I remember Sam's interview with Jesse Ledoux and Ledoux's comment about Indie and Emo.

Our conversation was off the cuff and varied and I tried to capture the spirit of it.

Part of the problem with labels is that they are vague and cannot always be relied on to help one find something to listen to. I tend to look a musicians I like and try to find something similar.

Lou said...

Yeah, that's the way you have to go about it. Unless of course you're looking at a traditionally emo label (such as Vagrant Records), or a traditionally indie one (such as Kill Rock Stars or Barsuk).

With major labels, rather than signing only a certain type of music, they go about signing whom ever will make them the most money- leading to a varied collection of artists.