Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Neither Good Nor Bad


I am feeling better but I am still tired a lot. I am not sure why I am feeling low but I am. I don't feel sick and I don’t feel depressed I just feel... blah.

At least I am getting some things done. I did a load of laundry tonight.


I will have to phone Vic News and complain. My building manager got tired of phoning them to ask that papers not be delivered to individual units. I can read the paper at work or elsewhere so I don't need it. Furthermore I hate getting tons of flyers.

It is nice to have a free paper but most of the stories can be found in other papers or on the 'net.

Physical Spam

I wonder if our 'love' of spam may have been stopped if we had not become a 'flyer culture'. The blue recycling box at my complex is always overflowing with flyers and other advertising. The junk goes from the mailbox to the bluebox with out being looked at. What a waste of trees.

Old Games

I tried running Freedom Force on my computer and found that I could do so even though I got a Windows message saying it was incompatible with XP. I could play but my video card kept locking up so I will not try any more. The game wasn't one of my favourites any way.

I wish they would remake some of the good old games like X-com. I would like to see them fix the glitches and update the graphics just enough to use cool modern features. They wouldn't need to rewrite the story or add tons of useless crap. The story of X-com is good enough as is.

I would be playing X-com right now if it would run on a fast computer using XP. It would look old but the gameplay and story would keep me interested.

Slow Motion

I hope I get out of this minor rut soon. It is odd to feel like I am moving in slow motion and just missing business closing times and friends online. Ah well, at least I am aware of this feeling.

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Shahid said...

I've felt that slow motion feeling before.