Saturday, May 08, 2004

Coffee a la Internet

I am sitting here at my computer drinking coffee and reading my favourite journals. This is kind of odd and interesting because I haven't had coffee at home for ages. Since I drink so much coffee at "work" or when I eat out I haven't needed to keep "brew" at home. My mother bought some and my life changed a little. My life always changes when I am around my parents.

I am catching up on reading my favourite journals. I have also found some more to read. For instance I am adding 'LJ's Musings' to my links page because I am enjoying reading the older entries (I'm up to March 1st) and she makes me laugh. I find 'Suite Jane' interesting as well. The title caught my eye when I browsed the "Fresh Blogs" section of the Blogger home page. Browsing the members area of Diaryland is another great way of finding interesting journals to read. I tend to bookmark some and read older entries and follow the latest posts. The "good" ones will eventually make it to my links page.

My other projects for today consisted of getting a new email for my "workblogs" and puttering with my guestbook. As you can see I have been busy.

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