Friday, July 04, 2003


When I first began to surf the Internet I was thrilled at what I could find and also appalled. I have an independent streak in me that wants to be left alone. I am not a child and I am aware that if I play with fire I may get burned.

I quickly became disillusioned. A misspelled search led to endless pop-up windows and ads for porn sites. I laughed at first and then began to feel disturbed. This was the "dark" side of the internet. I am not a prude and have a wicked sense of humor but I had to reboot to stop this mess.

After I read an magazine article about security I began to worry. Was I leaving a trail of 'footprints' that could lead back to me? What precautions had to be taken?

When I first got online I wanted to blaze a trail and say "I finally made it. Hi everyone!" My friends had praised the net for years. I wasn't left out anymore. Suddenly I was cautious again and a little bitter.

Security is a fact of life in any city. We lock our doors and join neighbourhood associations. When something seems suspicious we call the police. I discovered quite soon that the net was another "city" - one that could intrude into my home.

I am still here - but I walk a little softer now.

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