Saturday, August 02, 2003

Books, Links, Writing and Writer's Block

I am reading the 'Well World' series by Jack L. Chalker. I had read the first book years ago but never finished the series. This time I will read them all. Since I am doing all this reading I have decided to record what I read. I will make a 'Firemind's Book List' entry that can be linked to from the sidebar. I will update the page each time I read a book.

Both fiction and nonfiction will be listed in the book list. The first nonfiction listed may be "Editing Canadian English" which I bought yesterday. I needed a good book about Canadian English to help me when writing and editing. The book has many ideas that are interesting and it shows how to document sources such as Internet sites.

Other sidebar links I am thinking about include '© firemind' and 'Links'. The former would connect to the entry of the same name and the latter would connect to a Links page featuring non-diaryland weblogs.

All of these links will be integrated around the same time as I begin working on another diary. This diary may be called 'Firetales' and will contain my fiction writing. I got the idea after reading some of picklebrains stories. I won't include my old material from my paper diaries and workbooks. The old material isn't bad but I don't want to rehash any ideas. I want to write stories not edit them!

This entry has helped me deal with some of the writer's - block I was facing. I didn't get any work done on other projects but at least I don't feel frustrated. The periodic writer's - block in my work projects will have to be dealt with. For now, I will just note that it exists.

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