Monday, March 21, 2005

Bravo Flickr!

You have to admire a company that starts out with an idea, builds a fantastic web operation, listens to it's customers, and is sold - all while its main product is still in beta. Flickr was bought by Yahoo.

Change would have come to Flickr anyway as it developed and our expectations changed over time. All of us Flickr addicts are wondering about the future but we won't hold our breath. We will be too busy taking pics and using Flickr.


I was talking with a friend yesterday who I met via Flickr. We both have met interesting people by using Flickr and some of them have become friends. Flickr is very much a community that is dedicated and dynamic.


LJ said...

FINALLY - I've had the worst time trying to leave comments on any blogspots sites. Anyway - this is pertaining to an earlier post. I don't think of you as an Uncle, but more as a little brother (even if I am only 21 - bwahahahaha!). You are definitely part of my blogging family!

Leon said...

Gee LJ, I don't have a sister - you're hired. 'Course if you're 21 - I must be hitting 19 again. Wheee!

- Yeah, blogger was slow for a bit. Don't forget the guestbook still works.