Thursday, March 24, 2005

Don't Irk me, IRC Me

Yesterday was a good and bad day. Good over all, but the sporadic problems were irritating. I went to take some pics downtown and got some but it was late afternoon and the light wasn't right for what I wanted.

I finally got some laundry done. It seems everyone has been on 'my schedule' lately and I haven't had the patience to wait for a free machine.

It seems my ISP has been doing maintenance or is just being a pain this week. I will be working online and go to link or check something and the website can't be found, then my homepage can't be found, then... things return to normal.

Yesterday my monitor was acting up again. When the computer has been on for a long time I lose the 'picture' of the monitor if I pop from Linux to Windows or vice versa. Only some computer down time works to restore things.

So. Things were a little irritating yesterday.

Not everything was a pain. I found out about the Flickr IRC channel and stopped in. There were 21 people online at the time. I talked to some friends and met some new ones. I am hooked on instant messaging. I use AIM and MSN as well and if anyone wants to chat email me for info.


Joel said...

Don't you love technology?

Leon said...

Love and hate Joel, love and hate.

Jonathan said...

IM just doesn't work for me for some reason. I hate getting interrupted when I'm browsing the web. But so many people love IM-mode ... [perplexed]

Leon said...

Jonathan - If I have work to do I usually turn IM off. It can be distracting, but it can be fun too. Also, it helps me keep in touch with friends.