Saturday, March 26, 2005


My Linux distribution uses Mozilla Suite as its browser and email client. The version used is a little old and hasn't been updated at the Xandros site. Rather than play with the system I installed Firefox from Xandros.

Everything went well until I tried to view my Flickr pics. The browser crashed and so I had to reinstall the flashplayer.xpt and files. I had to log in as root and delete the files and copy/paste from my saved flash installer file. I hope that the Linux version of Firefox gets this irritating Flash bug fixed some time.

Everything works fine and although some things are a little different I am in familiar territory. Firefox looks like it is easier to update too. Gee, I have jumped on the bandwagon. (Although I was half on it already using Mozilla).

Get Firefox!

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Jonathan said...

My favourite Firefox feature is Find As You Type. To find something, Just Start Typing!

If it's not already on, you can turn it on using: Tools - Options - Advanced - Accessibility - Begin Finding When You Begin Typing