Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Mozilla Antics

I have an odd time now that I am using Firefox. When the browser is open I can't check my email unless I have previously opened Mozilla mail. I wondered why this is so and checked my 'Performance Monitor' (which is similar to Window's 'Running Tasks' feature). When Mozilla is running it is listed as 'mozilla-bin' and when Firefox is running I have firefox-bin. It seems that mozilla-bin is set to not start if firefox-bin is in use. This is probably to keep things from getting confusing and overloading the system as two browsers compete for the same resources. This is bearable, but I will take the extra step and start using Thunderbird mail. This should fix the no-email-and-browser problem.

The picture I am blogging tonight doesn't have anything to do with Mozilla. It serves as a good example of the April theme for Our Photoblog. Next month our theme is 'Spring' and there should be lots of neat pics.

Blossoms Elliot by firemind.

The photo was taken at the University Of Victoria. It shows the Elliot Building through some Cherry Blossoms.

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