Friday, April 08, 2005

Adult Content?

I was thinking about a post the other day and paused for a bit. I thought it might be too 'adult' for some of my readers. We all have different tastes and standards and I usually write whats on my mind. This time I paused and wondered why - was it because I thought the idea wasn't good enough, or was it because I have younger readers?

It turned out to be the former. I did consider an "Adult Content" note at the top of the post. I gave that up because younger readers would be drawn to it like moths to a flame.

I don't label things here. I don't censor myself (too much). I also don't desire conformity in my comments or readers. Reading comments can be a fun surprise. I never know what to expect. Everyone is equal and all I hope is that commenters respect each other.

So here are some questions:

  1. Do you censor your blog?

  2. Does your family read your blog?

Two blogs got me thinking about this (for different reasons): Bacon and Eh's, and Tamposi Dot Net Blog.


Leon said...

The tile of this post seems to be attracting comments. I will censor those anonymous ones that seem like spam. Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

Greetings FM!

It's been a long time since I've commented here. Yikes--too long. I've been too wrapped up in my own cocoon for much of my beloved blog world lately. Hopefully I'll be back to normal in the near future. I just wanted to say hello, but I also thought you posed some good questions here.

1) I only write the good things, or those that fall under the "charming self-deprecation" category (an expression I once used to describe myself when chatting/emailing with Rufus a long time ago). (He seemed to think that it was funny to describe some of my entries that way. I think it's a bit presumptuous on my part, but I wouldn't admit using that expression to many people.) By "charming S-D" I mean things like, 'Oh, my pimple!' 'Oh, my funny cooking incident!' rather than the big things, you know?

2) One of my sisters reads quite often, and I don't think my other sister reads at all, although she knows about it. My mom reads all the time, and my Dad is so busy that he can't be bothered. Cam's mom reads, and I wish she didn't. Once I found out that she was reading, I stopped complaining about him so much! Perhaps that's a good thing. I don't mind her reading it, I just think I sensor my 'blog for her more than anyone else.

I do think we have to sensor ourselves (if we are using our names and posting pictures of ourselves and our family members). Everyone just needs their own boundaries.

My, I wrote too much!

--Laura-Jane K.

Anonymous said...

From an earlier entry of yours:

"Can an introverted person who has to focus on a few friends end up as an introverted blogger struggling to keep up with more than a few blogs?"

Well put, Firemind! Just thought I'd say, "Me too".

(I figured that I already wrote too much here, so what's another few paragraphs?)

--Laura-Jane K. (Again)

Leon said...

Laura-Jane so nice to hear from you.:)

"charming S-D" - These are my type of personal comments too. Things I can pass on because they don't hurt or won't create fallout.

Here are my answers: 1) As I said I don't censor myself too much. I do pause to think if what I have to say is privileged info and not to be blogged.
2) Since I have given out my flickr url and this url to so many relatives, coworkers, and friends I have to assume everyone is reading it. It seems daunting at times but it is a lot freer than hiding behind my pseudonym.

christine said...

I don't censor my posts but there are aspects of my life that I never talk about on it. My family not only know they contribute, and sometimes kill me for what I say about them. I am frank and open on my blog as I am frank and open in my life. To be anything else would be not to be me. I do however try not to whinge or be angsty - that's what Live Journal is for.

Kim said...

There are times, like you, where I have to stop and think about my post. Generally I don't censor my topics or language but sometimes I have to weigh the consequences.

I try and ask myself whether or not my topic will offend anyone. By that I mean the topic, not so much the language. My audience is diverse so I take care in the way I try and write things. An example of this is my feelings toward the United States. By this I mean the government, their policies etc. Most know how I feel about them and yet I have to be sure when I go on a rant, it's worded in a way that doesn't offend my American readers.

Mick in the UK said...

My wife would like to censor my posts, but I only try to post things which I am sure of as facts, but my posts are usually none PC.
I try to censor my language, but sometimes forget.
BTW: When are you having a book of your photos published Leon?

Leon said...

Christine, Kim and Mick - thanks for the great comments.

Kim - I think you do a good job of sticking with your beliefs without offending people.

Mick - book? Hmmmm... (Thanks, I'm honoured).

Keith said...

Being a new blogger, I had planned on not cencoring my comments and ideas at all, originally. After doing this for a short time now I've realized that at times I will cencor some "real" names and "names of persons in certain situations" just to maintain some privacy features in my blog. Since, yes, my family and friends are reading my blog. Better safe than sorry, I think.