Monday, April 25, 2005

Bathing Beauties

I was walking on the grounds of the Royal BC Museum and saw a seagull and a duck in a pool. The seagull flew away at my approach but the duck continued to rest. As the duck cleaned its feathers it made small ripples in the water which distorted reflections and the view of coins at the bottom of the pool. It was a pretty sight.

Resting 1 by firemind.

I watched the duck for a bit and took some more pics. I then continued on my walk.

I was approaching a fountain when I saw movement. I paused and saw a crow bathing. I eased to a spot where I could get a pic but not be seen.

Splash 1 by firemind.

This crow was having a fun time splashing in the water and then looking around.

Splash 2 by firemind.

Splash 3 by firemind.

After taking these pics I backed away quietly so I wouldn't disturb the crow.

It felt neat to see two very nice sights in a short time. They gave me beauty and pictures. I gave them peace and space.


Amimationman said...

Beutiful crow, I love the duck.

Kim said...

Great pictures Leon! It's amazing how the crow stuck around that long. Must have been loving the bath!

Leon said...

Animationman - thanks.

Kim - thanks. Yeah, there were two and the other left. This one was having too much fun.