Saturday, April 30, 2005

Blogs And Pics


Jonathan Aquino has moved Victoria BC Bloggers to a new site. Pictures in blogs now show up in the feed.

Blogs without RSS or Atom feeds (Diaryland diaries for example) can use a service called WatchThatPage. Jon writes about it here.

I still haven't gotten into feeds yet. I still flick through my links page at my leisure. Of course keeping up with everything can be difficult. I can see why people with huge blogrolls like feeds.

One thing I am really getting into is Who knew bookmarks could be fun.


I poked around the legislature yesterday. I experimented with Glimpses and other types of pics. I had to laugh when I was inside the building. I leaned out over the second floor railing to take a pic and noticed a fellow laying on the floor photographing the ceiling. We photographers work hard for our pics!

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