Thursday, April 14, 2005

Busy Busy

This week I have been tired and my sleep pattern has been messed up. I still managed to accomplish a fair amount.

  • I caught the bus to Oak Bay and took some photographs of the old Chinese Cemetery.

  • I finished 'Wizard And Glass' the fourth book in Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' series.

  • I have been reading Ms. Fitterman's student's blogs and got interested in the book they are reading. I bought the book ('Night' by Eli Wiesel) today.

  • I have been busy helping Keith get his blog going. I find it interesting to work with someone within the context of a test blog. We can exchange ideas and practise without trashing the main blog. I worked with Gale this way too. We have all asked for help with blogging at one time or another. With this method we just formalize the teaching a bit and do away with some of the frustrating parts of blogging. I think it also builds community.

  • I learned that a new disco/hiphop dance called 'The Itch' might become popular.

  • I volunteered today and promoted my Photography Club idea.

My motto today is:

Money can't buy happiness but it can buy cheesecake.

Today's silly joke... dedicated to Animationman who also has been feeling low.

Question: Why didn't the bird cross the road?
Answer: Because he was a chicken.

Wawawa. :)


Amimationman said...

I thought the answer was because he was in soup.

Leon said...


Keith said...

Get some well deserved rest Leon. I know your mind burns with ideas but I'm afraid I'm going to turn you into a burnout!

Leon said...

Keith - nah, I'll survive. :) Naps help.