Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Music, Google Videoblogs, And Links

I stopped in at the Bent Mast for supper and saw some of the Ceilidh musicians I had photographed. I gave out my Flickr url again and some of them said they had visited my site and enjoyed the pics.

When I got home I checked out Google News and found out that Google:

is testing a ‘video blogging’ application, the company’s co-founder Larry Page revealed on Monday in a conference in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. In a few days’ time, users would be able to archive their video clips.(via)

I was thinking about joining Ourmedia but I may wait to see what Google Video is like.

I found out I had some new readers recently so I am adding their blogs to my links page. These are blogs that linked to me and that I found interesting. I will add a NEW tag to their descriptions.

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