Thursday, April 07, 2005

My Blue Mood

This is the first time I have gone back and deleted a post. I had a bouncing animated picture but it didn't help my mood or my blog. Gimmicks don't work when you need something real.

Things aren't too bad really. I had been overthinking yesterday. In typical Firemind fashion I had ten ideas for posts and the energy for none.

I talked with an online friend for a bit and that helped. The only problem with friends is balancing your curiosity and their privacy. Plus people have lives. I decided to catch up on my blog reading and found that I had missed some special occasions and that some of my regular reads have quit blogging. Sigh. Can an introverted person who has to focus on a few friends end up as an introverted blogger struggling to keep up with more than a few blogs?

Ok, that's enough whining. I hope to post this week about a local artist, riddles, and my trip to the beach (with photos). I am also working on review/interviews related to blogs for The Demo Blog. Writing these should help my mood.

I think this turned out a better post with out the gimmick. I feel better. I always do after writing.



Kim said...

I've had a Blue Mood also lately. I have the energy but don't have the ideas, I find that can be just as frustrating.

Leon said...

Yeah. Well then we have to pop in other blogs and say hi. It isn't as negative as sitting by the phone and waiting.