Friday, May 27, 2005

Attacked By Goats!

I went for a walk today and decided to go to Beacon Hill Park. It was about 82F and I wanted somewhere with lots of shady trees.

In the park I took pics of Squirrels and Ducks. I also experimented a bit. The animal pics should be great.

I ended up in the Children's Zoo and took pics of a mini-horse, a donkey, some sheep, some peacocks, and a gaggle of goats.

The goats were hilarious because the young were so hyper. I took lots of pics but I think many will be blurry. I sat on some stumps they use to play 'King of the Hill' so I could get some closeup shots.

Well! Closeup indeed! I was facing in one direction and a baby goat jumped up on the stump behind me. I turned toward it and another butted my leg from the side. The goats were playing all around me and one jumped over my right shoulder and almost landed on my knee. I then got a pic of one young goat who tried to eat the zipper on my jacket. I had to twist around and take a pic of the two who decided to eat my shoe. I laughed. Then one jumped right onto my shoulder and then to the ground. A little while later another pounced onto my shoulder. I was part of the playground it seems. What fun.

I took a few more pics and headed home. I had some pop and ice cream and will need a rest. Those little goats wore me out!


Keith said...

Sounds like the goats loved you.. hope the pics turn out good.

Leon said...

Yeah, I'm popular with such strange groups.:)