Saturday, May 07, 2005

Four Books

I finished reading Ringworld by Larry Niven and will start the sequel The Ringworld Engineers. I read both books years ago but want to relearn the story so I can read the third and fourth books. Sometimes 'Hard SF' is just what I need.

I am reading A Fury For God: The Islamist Attack On America by Malise Ruthven. Most of the ideas in the book have appeared in other books but it is a good starting point on the subject. (Plus the price was right: on sale for 5.99).

A Fury... talks a lot about how the CIA and other agencies created the problem in Afghanistan by sending Islamic extremists to fight the Russians. Afterwards the Islamists targeted the 'ungodly' Americans and muslims who supported them. Another theme is how Saudi Arabia exports it's extreme Wahhabi fundamentalism to muslim groups around the world. This creates problems for other nations and for Saudi Arabia itself. The book is interesting.

I just finished Fat Kid Rules The World by K.L. Going. I decided to try this book after reading Lou's review. I found a trade paperback version and it only cost 9.99 (most trade pbs are double that).

Fat Kid... is funny in places and heartwarming. The author does a good job of introducing the characters and making them real. The things they go through are believable and fit within the plot. Today I couldn't put the book down because the last few chapters really caught me. The book is rated Young Adult but adults will enjoy it too.


Joel said...

Thanks for the summaries.

Leon said...

You're welcome.