Friday, May 20, 2005



My browser has been misbehaving lately as have been my ISP, and Flickr. I have been stressed and random surfing at times. (Boredom?) Anyway, that just set me up for last night.

I decided to update some files and made the mistake of hitting 'update all'. Things were chugging along slowly until my updater/networking system in Linux locked up. Some file wanted to override another. I killed the update but it had partially worked so my system was wonky. I bitched (very mildly) and backed up important files to cd and Windows. Aah, bad but not disasterous.

I decided to pop into Windows and check something online (my browser was down in linux). I made the switch and scan the folder I had transfered. Luckily my scanner found a Windows virus before it could cause problems. The virus would have been harmless in Linux but not in Windows. I delete/clean the virus. It's gone.

Computers are wonderful things as long as you don't experiment with them, misuse them, let them get out of hand, or forget they are not infallible. I may have forgotten one or more of these points this week.

Sigh. Well, I will have a nice and clean computer tonight!!


Joel said...

Re: computers.

OMG. Sounds like relationships!

Leon said...

Hahahahaha - yeah sometimes think so.