Thursday, May 26, 2005

Read And Write And Scan

I am reading both fiction and nonfiction right now. It is fun. I am writing nonfiction when I write here. I have an urge to write fiction and haven't decided whether to do so in a blog. I have several ideas that are new and also wish to rework some old ones. Decisions, decisions.

This week(end) I hope to transfer some old files to this computer. To do so I have to reconnect my old clunker and copy them to USB storage. I will then be able to burn my art and music to cd. Hurray! When I reconnect this comp I might scan in some old pics of me. (If there is enough interest). I have very few old pics. Some from when I was 13, and some from high school.

I volunteer today and it is time to get ready. Bye.


Keith said...

yep, scan those old pics, I'd like to see them :)

Leon said...

Will do.