Saturday, May 28, 2005

Roasting Lou

It's hard to believe that I have only known Lou for 8 months. He and I have been reading each other's blogs and working together on projects for 'a long time'. I met Lou via Flickr when we both responded to a request for help. I gathered everyone together at The Demo Blog and set them to work. Lou proved he could teach blogging and was willing to help others.

This didn't surprise me. Lou is a busy person involved with swimming and school politics. I was a little leery of dealing with a politician though. Especially one who titles a picture Jake after I killed him and who invents people (voters?).

Sometimes I wonder if Lou has been affected by his political life. In one vlog post he says he caught his illness from the dummy used in first aid training. Hmmm, maybe. It could have been due to a secret meeting at lunch too. (Careful Lou. You don't want to get your tongue stuck in someones braces).

As I said I have only known this guy for eight months. In that time he has:

  • Survived a hurricane and had his pictures recognized at Flickr.

  • Won some swimming awards.

  • Created a website which hosts his blog, his videos, and his brothers' work.

  • Watched the World Series.

  • And participated in many other activities.

Some people like to keep busy.

Well Lou, now you have survived your first 'celebrity roast'. Thats what you get for turning 15. (Since I couldn't join your brothers in giving you the bumps). Happy Birthday 'nephie'!

Note: No Tamposis were hurt in the making of this post. (Embarrassed maybe but not hurt).


Keith said...

What a fine roast of such a worthy subject. I know one thing. I'm never telling you my birthdate... lol

Leon said...

Mwahahaha- truuuust me.:)