Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Strange Sights In Victoria

Sometimes you see the strangest things in this city. Take the following character for instance. Would you want to meet up with a turd in a sailor hat?

Mr Poopy
Originally uploaded by firemind.

Yep, that sailor is weird and so is his boat.

Gas Powered
Originally uploaded by firemind.

My question is: What happens if he accidentally flushes himself?


Joel said...

What the f^$#?

LJ said...

I watched that parade from from my husbands new office downtown. That turd really took me by suprise. You really gotta love you 'cause' to appear in a giant turd costume... but do you think that kind of 'expression' will really get the message home to our politician's who need to change our 'dumping' legislature?

Keith said...

lol strange pics indeed

Amimationman said...