Sunday, May 22, 2005

Time Out?

Play 2 by firemind.

What a busy week(end). I volunteered on Thursday and was busy. Then Thursday night my computer went haywire. I couldn't work on it Friday because I went to lunch with my Aunt and Uncle. Friday night I slept lots and Saturday I had lunch with a friend. I finally fixed things up this morning.

The lunch with my relatives was nice. I got to see a draft copy of my uncles book of poetry he is publishing and they gave me a chocolate cake. The cake is awesome.

Since my linux was down I bought a magazine with the open circulation edition of Xandros 3 and loaded it on my comp. The new version is nice. I will buy the full version after I get a new computer (whenever that is). Xandros is Windows without the hassle.

After such a busy time I want to go and play a bit. Tomorrow I will watch the parade and take pics.

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