Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ant Wars And Other Silliness

It is time to spray nasty substances around my front door again. Winged ants are invading my place and crawling on me. One landed on my neck and made me jump. If I spray any more lysol around my door I will either get arrested for polluting the environment or being stoned.

I loaded Diablo 2 and hoped for many evenings of demon slaying mayhem. I have been slaying said demons but my computer is doing the mayhem. For some reason I can play for an hour and then the game will crash. Not fun.

Things that are going well include volunteering and online projects. More photos have been posted at Our Photoblog. Lou is busy this month and wasn't sure if he could participate. He was able to post a nice pic. Gale has not popped in for a while but participated this month. With the rest of us posting too the blog now has a nice collection of 'Critters'. Stop in and leave a comment or two.

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