Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Liberal Versus Conservative Sex Education

Liberals and Conservatives have different views about many things. Sex education is no different.

Liberals agree that sex is important but explain we shouldn't worry too much about it - as long as it involves consenting adults. Liberals tend to concentrate on more important issues and have done so for a long time.

Conservatives can be obsessed with sex but want to moderate it like any other activity. One way they do this is providing moral guidelines for their children to adhere to.

Check out these important sites and learn about sex education. You can then keep your foot out of your mouth and your tongue in your cheek.

(Thanks to Fintan for the links (more or less).)


Fin said...

LOL nice use of links!

it's all too true, you know...

Shahid said...

I just hope those sites aren't really the works of the White House. Sorta scary.

Leon said...

Fin - yeah thats whats scary.

Shahid - makes you wonder doesn't it.

Kim said...

I have seen the second link before but not the first one; hilarious!