Monday, June 20, 2005

Puppy Problems

Buster's problem reminded me of two scary situations with dogs.


When I was a kid I had a beagle named Ringo. I used to call him "The Fastest Paw In The West". He was a cute pup and quite normal for a beagle. One day he bit into a TV cord and was stuck to it frothing at the mouth. My dad got him free and he seemed ok. A few days later he went with my dad to the local telephone exchange. Ringo found a nice big wire to bite and set off many alarms. He became quite unmanageable after that and we gave him away.

I always thought his behaviour was unique until I saw a cartoon about a dog biting into electrical cords.


When I first moved to Victoria I rented from a family living in the Cadboro Bay neighbourhood. They had an old terrier-type dog named Albert. Albert was small with curly white fur. He was very playful and I used to take him for walks along the beach.

One night I was in bed but only drowsing. Albert was sleeping on the end of my bed. I heard a clunk as something fell to the floor and then a lot of whimpering and shaking. I came awake in a panic and checked on Albert. He was flopping on the floor and whining. Part of me said he couldn't have banged his head hard enough to cause a seizure and I didn't think dogs could get epilepsy. I watched him and worried. When he came out of it he was ok if a little sweaty.

The next morning my landlady told me he did have the dog version of epilepsy. She said his attacks were rare. I don't recall him having another in the months I lived in the house.


Amimationman said...

Poor puppies.

Leon said...


Fin said...

Poor Ringo, very poor Albert.

What a nightmare!

Keith said...

My first dog, Spot, also experienced seizures. His was due to severly hurting his back when he jumped out the window of my dad's moving car (at 20 mph) one day when he was a puppy. He lived a very long life though. (15yrs.) A word to the wise, although you might think letting your dog stick his head out a car window while driving is ok, don't! They sometimes will jump out as I witnessed first hand. Poor Ringo & Albert. I'm glad they had a caring owner.