Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Darth Fiddler

Darth Fiddler
Originally uploaded by firemind.

This musician works in downtown Victoria and plays up a storm. This is just one of the odd photos I uploaded this morning.

I play around in a Flickr group called no words. It uses pictures as dialogue in conversations. I started a topic called 'Moonlighting' with this photo and one called 'Haunted' with the photo from the last post. It will be interesting to see what other people post.

I also posted two interesting photos taken at the Royal BC Museum. I liked them as soon as I took them and was pleased that they turned out so well. The pics are called 'Moon And Museum' and 'Surreal Museum' and they are posted at Fire Pix.


Fin said...

That's quite a funny pic!

Leon said...

Yeah. I wonder if I can find Yoda...

Joel said...

BWAHAHAHA. Having seen tons of DV costumes at Comic Con, this one takes the cake.