Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I have created a set called Your Favourites for pics chosen by Flickr members. I was thinking of creating one called 'Blog Favourites' and having you suggest pics. What do you think?

I added more pics to My Favourites. I am almost finished trolling through pics I took in June. This will be an ongoing project.


Keith said...

I like the "Your Favorites" set on Flickr Leon. A "Blog Favorites" idea is a good one, I think, too since it would be another way to get blog info. out there.

Leon said...

You're right about getting info out. The dome pic that you and poompa blogged would be listed but others would have to be suggested by non flickr member readers.

I hope this gives people a chance to voice an opinion. Suggested pics will be put into a set and posted here with a 'suggested by' link.