Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Terror

Here we go again. Innocent people being killed by terrorists. I am listening to BBC's Five Live and feeling angry.

When Madrid was attacked I felt an odd deja vu because I had travelled to some of the sites attacked. Again I feel odd. I have visited London and travelled the tube. My mind is replaying my impressions then. So much better than what I see on the net.

To my friends in London. I hope you are ok. I am thinking of you.


Joel said...

I posted a dedication to the innocent folks hurt as well.

Keith said...

I hate to wake up, turn on the TV, and hear of this kind of news anywhere in the world. Will it ever end? I hope and pray it will soon.

christine said...

me and mine are fine, what happened to us is on my blog

Mick in the UK said...

We are not in London, but I was in NY 9/11, and we missed a bomb in Barcelona by one day a while back.

The awful thing about the current terorists is that there is no-one to negotiate with as there was with the IRA.

Leon said...

Christine - you have some good posts there about yesterday. It was good to hear from you.:)

Mick - yes it is a different ball-game with this bunch.