Saturday, July 23, 2005


I woke up feeling fine today and checked my email and my favourite web sites. I should have eaten first because when I turned off my computer I was starving.

I ate out because I need to go shopping and wanted to hit the bank. I noticed lots of people uptown. Tonight was Luminara and the crowds were heavy even in the afternoon.

The first place I stopped at was full and had a 30 minute wait - just to sit down. I ended up at Smitty's and things weren't much better. The place holds about 100 - 120 people and it was full. After I got a booth the line up started. It took a while to get coffee, my order taken, and then food delivered. Of course this meant I was even hungrier. I made sure to order the big slices of Garlic Toast. This made a reasonable meal very filling. The place was packed all the time I was there.

I stopped at Chapters to browse for books. It was fairly quiet inside. I didn't buy anything but I got some good ideas to think about.

When I left the bookstore it was close to 9pm and people were heading to the Beacon Hill Park. Douglas Street was bumper to bumper traffic and it stunk of auto fumes. I caught the bus and made it home. I was happy to leave the hustle behind.

Sometimes I like big events and the crowds. Sometimes they remind me of insect swarms that are best avoided.

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