Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Wild About The English

When I was a kid I could do a pretty good imitation of an English accent. I picked it from teachers and movies and television. Who knew that the "Carry On" gang, "The Two Ronnies", and Monty Python could corrupt a Canadian boy so much.

I slowly lost my 'English' accent over the years but I had a short revival when I watched 'Are You Being Served?'. My favourite character was Mr. Humphries and I liked to quote him. I never had the nerve to say "I'mmmmm freeeeeeeee!" when I worked in retail though.


Joel said...

Will you be posting an audioblog of your imitation?

Fin said...

There's been a good plane crash in Toronto, Leon. I've just had a little flash of news for that.

That was a delightful song.

Keith said...

I love this show. I think I've seen every episode ever made. Mr. Humphries is great but for me Mrs. Slocum steals the show. She is almost as good as Hiacynth Bucket.:)

Leon said...

Joel - maybe.:)

Fin - I read the news and looked at pics. Eeesh.

Keith - I too have seen every show. I like Mrs Slocum too. The site where I got the clip has a chart showing the frequency of Mrs Slocum's colour. lol.

That's Hyacinth 'Bou-kay' don't-cha-know.:) My parents and I would watch that show and laugh like crazy.

Amimationman said...

Yup the accent is with me laddy buck.

Zaira said...

i just think that all of us here have great stories and sumtyms strange opinions bout any stuff in this world....uhhmmm..nothin really..just stoppin by.... peace out!..