Sunday, October 09, 2005

Firemind Cinema 3: Sunday Matinee

Weekend afternoons are great for movies. I remember going to one every Saturday as a kid. Cartoons, action movies, and lots of junk food made for a fun time.

Our pop and popcorn are virtual, but you never run out of them. The pop doesn't make you burp and the popcorn is never burnt. If only things were like that in reality.

This is a special Star Wars themed afternoon. We have a very silly cartoon and a movie with great special effects. Enjoy.

Fart Wars - 6 min - by TOM and JOHN HOY. This cartoon is... rude and silly.

Star Wars Revelations - 47 min 13 sec - by Panic Struck Productions. A nicely done fan film. A prequel to the series.

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