Friday, October 14, 2005

Firemind Cinema 4

Today we have a mix of funny and serious videos related to kids and growing up. I have mixed the thoughtful with the hilarious to keep things flowing along. Enjoy.

Scottish Ice Cream Lady - 38 sec - by Stevan Hogg - Watch what happens when some kids get more than they bargained for. The accents are hard to understand but the video isn't.

Take it out on the Next Guy - 2 min 43 sec- by Zombie Tango Productions - An all too familiar part of school.

Started Masturbating - 32 sec - by Stevan Hogg - Sometimes mothers can be a real pain.

Fitting In - 4 min 59 sec - by Ruddy Court Films - This is the second film by them featured on Firemind Cinema.

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