Thursday, October 20, 2005

Firemind Cinema 5

Today's cinema is full of animation. The films are interesting to watch and they show a variety of animation styles and techniques. This post is dedicated to Poompa who is a fine animator himself.

Cow Fight Funny - 2 min 33 sec - by Stevan Hogg. Martial arts movie with a ninja cow.

Comrade Turtle and Vulture - 4 min 37 sec - by Khang Mai. Based on the fable about the tortoise and the hare.

The Lepidopterist - 5 min 20 sec - by Nick Franklin. This is a fun animation about a butterfly collector and a monkey.

How to catch a rock fish 101 - 8 min 56 sec - by "Anonymous". This animated science fiction movie is very well done. I wish I had more information about the creators.


LJ said...

The cow video was so funny I had to watch it a couple of time. And the 'annon' Sci-Fi animation was amazing. I HAD to send it on to a friend of mine. Thanks for sharing.

Leon said...

Thanks for the feedback LJ.

Stephen said...

Haha...the ninja cow is great. I never saw the movie that the scene is from.

Leon said...

That cow video may have been a sketch from a tv show. Yeah, thats one tough supercow with a weakness as bad as kryptonite.

Amimationman said...

This has been my Favorite cinema yet.

Leon said...

Why thank you Animationman.