Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Blogging

There are many ways to celebrate Halloween. This year I am being layed back and blogging about it. I will list some interesting sites and blogs that I have come across.


Firemind Cinema 7: Halloween Special - Updated with two new movies!

Fright Night - Kim looks at the world of scary movies.

Happy Halloween! - Sam presents an assortment of cool indie Halloween Songs.

Night Before Halloween - a frightfully fun poem.

I imagine many other bloggers posted something today. I know LJ and Stephen did. Halloween provides bloggers with an excuse to write a bit.

Other Sites:

How Zombies Work - Zombies are a staple of Horror movies and halloween and quite popular. (Thanks Lou).

Munster Beat - here is a fun mp3 for you. (Website).

Afterlife | the 4 seasons of Steatham Cemetery - an interesting site with lots to see. Move your cursor over the pictures for surprises.

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