Sunday, October 09, 2005

I Can Hiss!

I use TTLB because its a fun low effort way to gauge interest in a blog. Sometimes it makes a blog load slowly, but other outside applications do too. I haven't had too much trouble with it.

Tonight I evolved again:

Inbound Unique: 9
Average Daily Visits: 23
Current Status: Slithering Reptile
Current Rank: #11072

I have jumped up and down before and will evolve or regress again. I don't worry about it and just have fun. I wondered what caused the jump and found this in the blog:

I restarted the scans fresh with an empty link database. So: if you saw your Ecosystem ranking jump around wildly today, that's why. But please note that, for better or worse, I believe the rankings currently being displayed to be the accurate ones, not those from yesterday. So if you dropped in rank: sorry, but them's the breaks.

Ssssso, I guesss I am more upssscale than I thought I wasss.

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