Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dazed Days

I have been tired lately but I managed to go out to lunch with friends on Sunday. That was nice.

2 Lazy 2 Blog keeps growing. Now I am getting people contact me and ask to join. I like having a spot where people can pop in and say "hi" and not have to worry about not getting read or being "good bloggers".

I keep using 'Blog Search' to find new blogs. There are so many new blogs started and then abandoned. I like to leave a comment here and there and I only scare the odd blogger. lol. (One school class had the kids try blogging. I left a comment and the blogger said "Ah! I didn't think strangers would read this. Do I have to blog?" I guess we aren't all blog geeks).

Today it took longer to get my blog reading done. Some of you have been writing up a storm - thanks.

Sunday's Cinema was full of animations. The one I post tomorrow will have music videos and a musical. You can sing along if you want.

I am off to see Harry Potter.



men-a-men said...

wooouwww ...in het Nederlands! Dat is leuk te zien!
Thanksgiving in oktober? Dat is vroeg!

In Dutch, that's nice to see!
Thanksgiving in October? That's early! Thanks for the link!


Hogolipord said...

ello firemind

i am new blogger and wondering what you mean buy 2lazy2blog

i really like your blog (found it while searching blogger) and wondering if you can help a newb!


Leon said...

You're welcome Men.

RazorbaldUK - 2 Lazy 2 Blog (link in my sidebar) is a group blog with members from all over. Sometimes we are 2 lazy 2 blog. :) Have a look at it and see what you think.

I am glad you like my blog. I write for myself but like it when others enjoy their visit.