Monday, November 28, 2005

Fun With Blogging

I should be asleep now but a nap and some coffee make that impossible. That's ok, it gives me time to do some blogging.

Sometimes, I am amazed at the ways we are effected by the Internet and blogging. My life has changed a lot since I came online and took up blogging. I am writing more and I continue to meet interesting people.

Each time I interact with my readers I find myself wanting to know more about them and to make their visit here pleasant. The latest manifestation of this is adding the Babel Fish translator to my sidebar. Little things can mean a lot to people.

I still write for myself first and my readers second. But this doesn't diminish your importance. I write online to interact with others not to preach or take up space. I find that interacting with readers makes the whole experience better.

Nothing is permanent on the 'net. Some of my blogfriends have stopped blogging (at least temporarily) for various reasons. Other bloggers catch my eye and I have new blogs to read.

There are new blogs being created everyday. I was using Blog Search one day and found Jack's Life. I thought some members of 2 Lazy 2 Blog might like to read it so I linked to it in that blog. I laughed the other day when I read this post. I wondered how many diagrams had been erased to prevent his age group from seeing them. Perspective is everything.

Sometimes I find blogs that take time to explore. Blogs by adults are more complex and require more effort. If a kids blog is readable and makes me laugh I will read more. Blog's by adults have to appeal to both my intellect and my ethics. I am more critical of them.

I am exploring Octogenarian and enjoying myself. The blogger is a retired journalist and he tells good stories.

I have am having fun blogging and reading blogs, but some things are irritating. I used to have a referrer at the bottom of my page. It told me where visitors had come from and it lead me to at least three of my permanent reads. Sadly the referrer has become so successful it has become a subscription service. Ah, well. I shall survive without it.


Comyn said...

I am so impressed with what you do with your blog I find it discouraging. I was just perusing your booklist, among other links, and realised how very far I have yet to go. Thanks for being the carrot at the end of the stick for me.

Leon said...

Your welcome. :) Remember though that I have been doing this for over a year. Do what you can and what you want. When you are ready, experiment.