Sunday, December 18, 2005

Aunty Social

I am not quite antisocial today. I am just tired from the last few days.

Friday's volunteer shift was good but was boring at times and hectic at others. It was nice to get out and work. Next week we have our Xmas party and that should be fun.

Yesterday I had dim sum with four other people. It was fun and the conversation was interesting. Afterwards I played computer games for most of the day.

The last few days were 'people days' so today was a 'me day'.


LJ said...

Dear Uncle Social, This time of year is filled with "too many people day". So much so, that when I got home from church yesterday - we didn't leave or look outside of the house until this morning. I hear ya brother! And it's going to get worse before it gets better. :-)

Kim said...

There are never enough 'me days' take them while you can!

Leon said...

LJ - yeah I know. It actually might be fun.:)

Kim - I hear that!

Joel said...

Leon, I've forgotten. What do you volunteer for again?