Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bobo No More!

Sometimes I get lazy and let my hair grow. The hair on the sides and back gets thick and long. I begin to look older since my hair comes in gray. This curly mass becomes unmanageable and I can't comb it up to cover my bald less-fertile spot.

I have been going to get a haircut for a while. I joke around that I can't last a whole season without getting a cut. I can limit myself to five or six a year and not look too scruffy.

I needed a cut so I headed to Jimmy's for my 'seasonal'. Jimmy's is an old fashioned barbershop with cuts costing 12 bucks. You won't get a $70 trim there.

I got one of the younger barbers this time and he cut it close. Real close. I went from 9-10 cm (5 inches) down to less than 4mm. That is short even for me, but I was happy with the cut.

On the way home I noted one problem: my head was &^%$ cold! "Aargh! Why did I get a haircut now? Why didn't I get a trim?" I asked myself.

Why? Because of Bobo. I got called Bobo the Clown twice in the last week. What would be next, face paint and a red nose? Nope. It had to end now. I was already imagining chasing people with a bicycle horn. Only trouble lay ahead.

One benefit of my new haircut is that I can pester my friends. Guys, unless your head is almost as bare as a baby's butt, you are all hippies to me. :)


LJ said...

Please don't resort to the "comb-over", your simply to young to be that foolish. If need be - be bald and be strong!!!

Leon said...

I won't LJ.

I remember a friend using Popeils spray on hair and that was scary. I also remember several Carol Burnett sketches involving hairpieces. I don't wish to be a comedy star - at least in that way.

Comyn said...

When mine gets to 4mm I call myself a hippy, for the very reason you're discussing here. Unfortunately, I go through razors quite quickly.